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  1. We are the prime contractor under a DOD contract is how I should have stated it. We are preparing to send and RFP to then award a subcontract/PO to an Army Depot. When doing so with other non-USG entities we obtain certs, flow the appropriate FAR/DFAR, include clauses as applicable per threshold, etc. I suppose we could request all the same in our RFP but I am getting caught in circular thinking. For instance, when I think through do we ask the Depot to cert to CAS, apply CAS then report as CAS covered to the Gov't about the Gov't.
  2. As the prime contractor for a DOD prime with all the typical FAR and DFAR applied, we will be subcontracting a piece of the work to an Army Depot. Various searches have failed me to try to determine if the FAR/DFAR flow to the Depot, including certs such as CAS, CCoPD, etc., as required or are they exempt. As we build the RFP the topic arose so we can remain as compliant as possible.
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