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  1. I have a cost reimbursement contract (no fee), with provisional rates established. I'm trying to determine the correct way to determine the non-burdened hourly labor rate - is it a person's salary divided by 2080, or if our company pays semi-monthly, do I take a person's salary, divide it by 24 (number of timesheet periods in a year), and then by the hours worked by that employee in the timesheet period to establish an hourly rate? For example - Person A has a salary of $150,000, and worked 80 hours in a timesheet period. Is the non-burdened, hourly labor rate: $150,000/2080 = $72.12 or $150,000/24/80 = $78.13 Thank you in advance!
  2. We have a prime contract that is FPLOE on labor and Cost Reimbursable on ODCs and Travel. We have a subcontractor who wants to apply G&A on their travel expenses, and based on the contract type we extended them - T&M (included FAR Clause 52.216-7), we have to allow them to apply that G&A on the travel. This is the first time we will be applying G&A to travel. Two questions: What G&A rate do I apply on the travel when invoicing the government? Our G&A rate as prime, or the G&A rate that the subcontractor applied to the travel? If the prime G&A rate is applied, how does it work with the subcontractor if the subcontractor's G&A rate is higher than the prime's? Even though the labor CLINs are FPLOE, if we apply G&A to travel, will we be required to submit an Incurred Cost Submission next year?
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