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  1. If you do not award the minimum guarantee at the time of award wouldn't this violate the bona fide need rule? We award our minimum guarantees at the time of award. We are required to have funding to meet this need prior to award. We do this because ours are multiple award contracts. Are you awarding to just one contractor? If you don't need the contact until Nov, then why not change your PoP?
  2. The Yes there are task orders that will exceed the $250K, but those will be awarded by another KO.
  3. Navy Services contract KO needs to award option, all funding is at the task order level. This option will allow for reoccurring services to be executed on separate task orders with a value of over $600K. KO's warrant is only $250K can they award an option at no cost if it will allow task orders that exceed their warrant?
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