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  1. Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can offer advice/input on a recent action by the Government against my company (contract is T&M direct award under our GSA PSS Schedule). We received a unilateral deobligation of unused funds from two of the 3 expired contract periods on our ACTIVE contract. We are in option period 4 currently (1/31/21 - 1/30/22) and this is to be the last year of the contract, however they are most likely going to provide a 6-12 month extension. The customer is deobligating unbilled dollars from the Base Period (1/31/17 - 1/30/18) and Option Period 2 (1/31/19 - 1/30/20). The problem is that we need to bill against those funds. We have unbilled travel and ODCs that due to a very poorly performed accounting system transition, and current reconciliation that is still on-going, those invoices were not generated nor submitted. We still need roughly $170k that the government is taking back and not willing to allow us to bill against. Any guidance, advice, support or life-raft is appreciated!! Best,
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