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  1. Bob, it would not be hyperbole to say I'd be lost without this board. I started in the GovCon field weeks before the world shut down in March 2020, and scrambled to find resources to help me learn the trade. This site was - and still is - my go-to for advice on thorny issues. So THANK YOU and all the other contributors who make this site so valuable. Additionally, I will take your call to action and do more to contribute to keep discussions going. 

  2. Really enjoyed this pod. I'm semi-new to to the GovCon world, so I didn't get the opportunity to "learn via osmosis" (i.e. learning by overhearing office discussions, informal shop talk, etc.) in the virtual environment many of us were thrust into after COVID hit. I've scoured for online resources in effort to replicate some of those discussions, and am happy I found this pod. 

    Already looking forward to future episodes! 

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