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  1. This is a Thomson Reuters product geared towards law firms, but I was wondering if anyone has used or seen it used successfully by a government contractor.
  2. If a Small Business on a multi-award IDIQ set-aside contract is acquired and loses its small business status: 1) Can it complete existing orders? I have not found anything that says no. 2) Can options on existing orders be exercised?
  3. Thank you all. It does not appear to be CUI.
  4. I read the DPAS regulations and can't seem to find an answer. Is a DPAS rating on a contract (or subcontract/purchase order) considered CUI? Does a foreign national need to be restricted from seeing it?
  5. Why would you be charging them for space? DCAA/DCMA don't pay for space at contractor locations.
  6. They got charged in your accounting system as any other costs on this project, but you have to somehow mark them as nonbillable or create a new charge code/WBS to collect them.
  7. We're bidding on a T&M Contract that will be 90-95% labor and we're required to provide a breakdown of T&M rates - Salary, Fringe, OH, G&A and Profit Margin. We've historically bid 10% margin (nobody can point to why). That seems low to me but I can't find any benchmarking or guidance that would says either way. Does anyone have suggestions or data that provides "typical" T&M profit margins.
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