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  1. @joel hoffmanthat's a possibility that we're looking at too. My question was more regarding Posting Requirements and "if" you didn't follow it specifically could it be an issue later. I'm guessing the word "expect" could be used in our favor if it isn't posted.
  2. Again I get that and I agree, my point is from a Posting Requirement standpoint, does that matter? If everything checks out and it's simply because prices are higher for everyone, would you Post it again? Yes or no. Thanks @joel hoffman
  3. @joel hoffmanand @ji20874 I totally understand your statement, but what if it's $26,000? I'm just asking in general terms, would you then repost it? It does state "expected to exceed", but we never expected it to do that. Costs slightly changed a bit. Just a question. Thanks
  4. If you have a commercial buy and the IGCE was less than $25,000 and you posted it on your local agency website and not the GPE, but the quotes came in 10-15 thousand more than the IGCE, must I resolicit the requirements on SAM.GOV? Thanks
  5. Yup those are what I was referring to @Vern Edwards. Thanks for the info and thanks to @ji20874as well.
  6. Question for you...What would make an award improper in your eyes? Just an example. Thanks @ji20874
  7. Hey @ji20874, the main issue is that the information that was provided to the vendor was not accurate as to what was stated in the solicitation. I understand your reasoning and I appreciate it. I was just wondering if the CO has fulfilled their duty as to the information given to the vendor. I don't want to add anymore to my plate. Trust me. Lol. Thanks
  8. FAR 15.503 states that you must state the basis for the determination. @ji20874
  9. I wouldn't say it was improper to be honest @ji20874. So given that fact, the vendor at this point can not protest, right? That timeframe has passed? I thought I read somewhere in a GAO Case where a vendor asked the CO for additional information and because they didn't provide it, they could still protest at a later date. I know the 10 day rule after receive notice that they didn't win the award though. Thanks again
  10. I have a situation where a contractor submitted a proposal but was denied the contract which was rated using LPTA, for information which wasn't required in the solicitation. Basically, they received a letter stating that their proposal wasn't accepted but the reasons why, were never provided to the contractor. Two days after receiving the unsuccessful letter, the vendor asked the CO to provide reasons as to why they didn't qualify to better assist for future procurements. A week later the CO responded by stating information as to why the vendor didn't qualify. Two days after that response, the vendor stated that the information that the CO sent as justification for not winning the award, was not stated in the evaluation factors section or in any section in the solicitation. The vendor requested that the CO re-evaluate the proposal, as what was requested in the solicitation was all provided. The CO hasn't responded yet and it's been 3 weeks since the vendor requested the CO to re-evaluate. The CO that awarded the contract is no longer in the agency. The dollar value is under the Simplified Acquisition Threshold of $250,000. My questions are... 1. Can the vendor at this point Protest this award, even though technically 10 days have passed and all they asked was for the CO to re-evaluate their proposal? 2. Would it be best to cancel the award and re-solicitate the contract and do it correctly, using the Termination for Convenience? I know we may have to pay the vendor an equitable adjustment for doing so as well. Thank you!
  11. Ok @ji20874, if the (Apple) vendor submitted Past Performance and it was only information stating that the subcontractor can perform the work because they have the certified workers. Can we move forward with another vendor if Apple never addressed the Past Performance issue for their specific company? And I apologize, 52.219-14 is NOT checked off in the solicitation. Thanks
  12. @ji20874Thanks! I will read that further. Appreciate the help!
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