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  1. Thanks again @Vern Edwards and everyone else! Valuable information and I'll definitely do that next time.
  2. One last thing though @Vern Edwards or @ji20874, if you don't need the Changes Clause or any clause to do a modification, then you simply leave this box blank which states... "THIS SUPPLEMENTAL AGREEMENT IS ENTERED INTO PURSUANT TO AUTHORITY OF:"? Thanks again for the feedback
  3. This is great @Vern Edwards! Thanks a lot for the information!!!
  4. Doesn't have to be that one. Just in general, must you have to do a mod first, in order to use that clause. Period
  5. So I have a modification that I'm doing, but the changes clause that I'm using wasn't in the original contract. I'm adding that clause to the contract through a modification. My question is, must I do a modification by itself to add that actual clause, then do another modification utilizing that clause, or can I add that clause and use it all in one mod? I hope I didn't confuse anyone. Basically, do I need to do 2 separate modifications?
  6. No reason to be rude though @Vern Edwards. Have a great weekend!
  7. It was a contract that was supposed to be for a year but task orders were never cut against them. Very weird because it wasn't treated like an IDIQ contract. The government received the work and never paid the contractor. Now, 3 years later they're submitting invoices for that work, which was never submitted to finance and was never issued as Task Orders. Thanks for the help @Retreadfed
  8. But the PR was never submitted to financing. @ji20874. That's why I was asking. The contractor was doing the work performed in the contract, but Task Orders were never cut against that IDIQ contract. Isn't that an UAC?
  9. I know usually @Vern Edwardsis excellent at these type of questions as well.
  10. Any help you can provide will be beneficial. Thanks @here_2_help
  11. Less that six. @here_2_help. I believe 3 years now.
  12. Quick Question If I contractor was supposed to be paid on a contract but years have passed and they never submitted an invoice but recently did, is that considered a Unauthorized Commitment in order to pay the vendor? I know it's technically not, but how can you go back and use funds that are no longer available? Thanks
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