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  1. I tried https://eweb1.sba.gov/subnet/client/dsp_Landing.cfm I I am able to see now. It says on TOP, When I picked a state, it shows small business seeking contracting opportunities list. How do I narrow down/find businesses seeking small businesses part ? Will large business also list about small business teaming here ? Thanks for sharing.
  2. Thanks again. We have not started transition activity yet. New Prime is aligning their resources, but they did not reach out to exiting resources of incumbent . The current employer/incumbent are quite about gain employees agreement./discussions. I need guidance on how to approach (gain employees) subject with whom . Thanks for sharing.
  3. Thanks or weighing in. How do I find the above info? Thanks for sharing.
  4. Thanks for responding to my threads. I am finding a weird rule posted by federalsoup.com for their FORUM members. It says All new registrants to the Federal Soup Forum are required to use a .edu, .mil, or .gov email address in order to receive immediate access in addition, it says registration verification should come from Federal IP address. I am not sure Federal agency be happy for their resources to be used for Forums. How do we work with this rules ? Thanks for your guidance.
  5. Thanks for weighing in. I understand. As I worked with this agency/project for many years and have SME/infrastructure clean background, active public trust with this agency. I am a federally compliant resource, who can perform the technical work. Is this a asset or liability ? How do I approach the new awardee to present my credentials? Is it a good idea to wait till we get transition plans /key players of new awardee present the credentials or approach them before this happen? Thanks for your guidance.
  6. Finding teaming opportunity? ====================== Thanks for reviewing my threads. We were able to find interested vendors posting for an RFP in old FBO (Fed Business Ops). As this become new SAM . we did not see this info in SAM. This new SAM is not friendly as FBO. Where/how can we find the interesting vendors for RFPs? Thanks for your guidance.
  7. What will SUB do, when incumbent loose the bid? =============================================== Hello fellow contractors, Thanks for reviewing my threads. I have a situation I need advice on. You may have been in this situation. I currently work thru a SUB with Prime for Federal agency. My prime contractor (incumbent) lost his bid. There are lot of uncertainty floating around all subs of this contract. We are not sure to have extensive experience with this agency and its tech infrastructure is an asset or liability. How will the new contractor know about existing resources experience/capability? What are the pro-active steps to take in this situation? What are the avenues available for subs in this situation? With whom, we can communicate/build relationships? Thanks for your guidance.
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