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  1. Good Afternoon, I work in the closeout division of one of the alphabet agencies in DoD. We currently have a backlog of thousands of contracts I am trying to closeout with little success. I have run through all of the contracts I could under DFARS 204.804(3), emailing vendors for all contracts older than 17 fiscal years and closing unilaterally if they agree or do not respond within a time frame. My problem now is we still have many thousands newer than 17 fiscal years and I generally cannot get vendors to final invoice and work with me resolving these cost plus or t&m types to close them. Question: If a vendor responds saying they do not intend to invoice but then nothing further or even if they do not respond within a certain time frame, should I request their information (ICP's, audits, settled rates) from DCAA/DCMA and do a cost buildup showing what they are owed or what they owe back to DoD. If their audits or rates were settled within the last 6 years, then do I have leeway to start issuing debt letters and documenting that the vendor was paid everything they are entitled to? Or is it 6 years from the date DCAA receives their ICP that the statue of limitations starts ticking? If DoD owes them, should I still closeout the contract and just document the max the vendor is owed if they ever come back, reopen the contract and want to invoice? Sorry for the barrage of questions, very new and just trying to make some headway into this problem. Please note, just seeking opinions from more experienced contracting officers that hopefully have more experience with this than myself - not making any rash decisions. Much Obliged, TroubledCloser
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