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  1. So the best federal places to work list https://bestplacestowork.org/ is not necessarily reflective of best places for 1102s to work. I imagine that the best place for 1102s have a lot to do with with good bosses, but besides that as being a factor, where in your experience was/is a good place to work and why? Where have you had the best experience as an 1102?
  2. Is FAR 28.307-2 or other non-commercial clauses allowed in commercial contracts? There seems to be some language that allows for their inclusion but it seems like the answer is no based on some case law I was reading unless a deviation is granted.
  3. Thanks everyone for all your advice. Government Contracts in a Nutshell, 6th ed. (2015), by Steven Feldman is a good read so far. The FCN 101 with FAI/DAU seems to also help a bit. I don't have a formal internal training program so I wish there was a good checklist for things I need to do. A FAR matrix is good but only insofar as much as knowing how to use it.
  4. Hi all. I joined this forum because I just started my career in the federal government. It wasn't even a week yet and on Friday I received a call from a government agency (non-federal) that offered me more pay. Pay isn't everything but I want to make an informed decision. I'd like some help in calculating my future salary with the federal government. My understanding is that 1102's Contract Specialists get a grade promotion every year. I would also be aggressive in obtaining the FAC-C necessary to get my grade promotions. Locality is Washington, D.C. The job is ladder to 13. I just started as a GS-9 Step 10. Next year, it seems like I would be a GS-11 Step 5 right (2-step rule)? Year 3 I would start making a GS-12 Step 3 salary and starting Year 4 a GS-13 Step 2. Is this right? I feel like I might be off with the steps.
  5. I started on Monday. The branch chief told me that You will want to focus on FAR parts 5, 6, 12, 13, 15 and 19. Our acquisitions run the gambit, although we don’t see sealed bidding and true R&D is rare, particularly for this team. With the moving, it has been crazy trying to get myself ahead of the curve, but I have read some of this already. I'll let you know when I'm done.
  6. Hi all. First time poster. I am starting with HHS in a month coming from municipal government procurement/contracting. While I have CPCM certification and am familiar with the 2 CFR 200 for Federal Grant Procurements, I am not familiar with the FAR. In the month before I start, I'd like to deep dive into the FAR, especially the most important sections that can help jump start me right away. What are the most important sections of the FAR that you think I should study?
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