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  1. Background: CPFF contract, funds come from different agency than the contract is issued by. Sometimes the MIPR takes time to hit the contract because of IAAs and the paperwork trail. We invoice costs monthly, however there is nothing stipulating that we need to invoice monthly. Cost vouchers are not connected to specific deliverables. When we did similar work as a sub, we would occasionally work "at-risk" when the money on our subK was fully expended but we knew funds were enroute with a MIPR (with the permission of our prime). Now we are performing under our own prime contract. Is there anything in the FAR that precludes us from doing this? Hypothetically, say our funding runs out on 5 January. Funds have been sent from the customer, but aren't on the contract yet. Can we continue work until they are available? We technically don't need to invoice at any particular time, so couldn't we just hold off invoicing anything until the funds have been modded to our contract? We provided the CO with the 75% of funds expended notification. THANK YOU!
  2. We're contemplating a contract that invokes FAR 52.216-8 - fee withholding. I understand that we will withhold invoicing fee up to $100,000 or 15% of the whole fee (whichever is less). Once we pass that threshold we will invoice fee as appropriate. That much makes sense. However, when I read the clause as written in the FAR, I don't see how 100% of the fee is eventually paid to the contractor - am I missing something? The clause says that the CO shall release 75% of fee withholds, and up to 90% of fee withholds based on past performance. So is it implied that the best you can hope is that the government keeps 10% of the fee withholds? It's certainly small potatoes compared to the overall contract value, but I want to clearly comprehend this clause. Thank you as always!
  3. Thanks for your help in advance. I have two questions, both pertaining to a CPFF effort. I am a contractor assembling a proposal to be a prime. Question #1: The contract period is a base period of 1 year, followed by 2 option years. The government fiscal year and the contract period dates do not line up. I have costs broken down by element by both the government fiscal year and contract period. Will the fee $ amount be set based on the government fiscal year, base period, or base period plus option years (very unlikely I imagine)? The contract will be completion form, but the "end product" will be the monthly reports on a continual effort vice a term form with a set LOE. Question #2: We do not currently have a certified final indirect cost rate proposal, and are using estimated indirect rates for the proposal. I want to make sure I understand the process - after a period of time, we will submit a certified final indirect cost rate proposal. Is that period of time a government fiscal year, or at the end of the base period?
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