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  1. Hello everyone, I have been pondering on the questions below as to how I will work with the staffing agency to provide them with as much specific information as possible. When they ask me things like : what team are you after or what NAICS code would you like to hire under, when does work begin, have you won a contract yet and similar, it will be useful if I have already won the contract as this will enable me to provide the staffing agency with exact details, whereas if I haven't won it yet the information will be very vague and far from helpful to them. Which leads me on to think that if there are about 3 months between contract award and work starting, I am sure I can assemble the dream team that has it all. From what I have heard from various staffing agencies, they tend to take a couple of business days to create a working team. If my 3 month window assumption is correct, this could work. How soon after the Prime awards a sub does work begin? How soon does the sub receive payment from Prime post award? I am looking forward to your input and advice. Thank you in advance!
  2. When it comes to staffing from the sectors: Information Technology field, AI, IoT, what criteria should I put forward to the staffing agency to assemble the dream-team so I can grab the Prime's attention?
  3. I am yet to do that but unsure how to go about doing it. I still have small how-tos to figure out regarding initial contact with the Prime and post award before putting myself out there as available for work.
  4. No I haven't yet approached a Prime but I do have a few in mind. Just unsure how to go about approaching a Prime for work. When is the value of the contribution determined?
  5. Hello everyone, There isn't much intro to give apart from the fact that I will going in as a sub with no past performance (yet). As a newbie sub with no past performance, will the Prime be put off from giving me work? I am looking forward to your inputs, thank you in advance
  6. Hello everyone, So I have heard that subcontractors either register on the Prime's website and the Prime usually chooses their subcontractor for contracts. I also heard that as a subcontractor I need to bid and the Prime picks out the lowest technical price. Since the above two are contradicting statements, as a subcontractor to the prime, how do I bid for a project? I am looking forward to your advice and input. Thank you in advance.
  7. Hello readers, I have been trying to find information on how to price a bid for information technology services. The issue is that I have found information on construction and commercial products instead. Since I will be a subcontractor, how do I price a bid for information technology services (software development in particular) (firm-fixed price contracts)? I am looking forward to your assistance and input. Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi all, So I am registered with WAWF/PIEE but it does appear to be quite technical for me (it could perhaps be a case of watching more tutorials). Just out of interest, are there other accounting platforms compliant with the govcon business which are less technical and serve the same way (QuickBooks for example?)? Or is it absolutely mandatory we use WAWF/PIEE? I am looking forward to your assistance. Thank you in advance.
  9. If for example I am in connection with a prime contractor who has already been awareded a contract, the standby team will have to be familiar with the responsibilities required by the prime contractor through an agreement which will document the responsibilities for both the sub and the prime contractor. It is for that reaosn I asked, will I need to pay my staffing firm in advance for the time it has taken them to familiarise themselves with the contract requirements and at the same time potentially have a conference between the 2 teams.
  10. Hello, I have been thinking of variants on how to hire my standby team. Is it mandatory to pay in advance the standby team hired by the staffing agency or will the payments start after winning the contract between me and the prime contractor? Looking forward to your assistance, thank you.
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