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  1. If for example I am in connection with a prime contractor who has already been awareded a contract, the standby team will have to be familiar with the responsibilities required by the prime contractor through an agreement which will document the responsibilities for both the sub and the prime contractor. It is for that reaosn I asked, will I need to pay my staffing firm in advance for the time it has taken them to familiarise themselves with the contract requirements and at the same time potentially have a conference between the 2 teams.
  2. Hello, I have been thinking of variants on how to hire my standby team. Is it mandatory to pay in advance the standby team hired by the staffing agency or will the payments start after winning the contract between me and the prime contractor? Looking forward to your assistance, thank you.
  3. Incidentally, what are the prime contract and subcontract for? If the contract ceiling amount is $700K or more ($1.5m for construction) then the Prime cotractor needs to subcontract at least 35% of a contract. In which case, the subcontractor is the middle man and the Prime contractor therefore pays the sub 35% of the award amount. If the work is 50% then it will be 50% of the award amount and so on. So as a subcontractor, the prime (once they've been awarded) will pay me before the work can begin. Are you asking for a way for you to delay paying for labor until the prime pays you?
  4. Hello Joel, thank you for the input! Is there a way to start paying the staffing firm/employees once the prime contractor has paid me (as a sub-contractor)? I will be more than happy to explain further should there be any confusion.
  5. Hello Readers, I have done a solid research on staffing firms during which another question occured in my mind but couldn't find a specific answer to it. Since I will be hiring my employees through a staffing firm, how will I be paying their salaries, pension schemes and so on? I am looking forward to your assistance. Thank you
  6. It depends at what price tag I will be looking at for the consultant. As for the lawyer/attorney I know they can be pretty expensive. But the thing is I keep seeing attorney around a lot.
  7. In general for any state, surely there must be a standard procedure to protect both parties? Because if they were to leave me hanging, everything will fall on my back to deal with and it wouldn't even be my fault. Both parties need be covered one way or another in the event of possible ramifications.
  8. How can I guarantee that my subcontracting team of employees won't drop everything in the middle of a contract and leave me hanging? Will each of the emplyees sign a contracting/hiring agreement or similar. How can I have my back covered prior to partnering with the Prime Contractor? Thank you
  9. Hello everybody, One of the main topics I have been researching online is more in-depth information about the business relationship between the Subcontractor and Prime Contractor. However I haven't managed to get much information on this subject. Say for example I have formed my subcontracting team and I have then discovered a subcontracting opportunity that our team can take on. How do we then go about getting started with the Prime contractor for a given subcontracting opportunity? From contacting the Prime to creating an agreement between us and getting start
  10. Right okay thank you for the detailed information. How and where do I look for these firms/agencies? Thank you
  11. Do you know hiring firms or agencies or companies for federally compliant employees? I am looking forward to your assistance, thank you
  12. Dear Readers, I have chosen to go by the route of doing subcontracting work for a Prime Contractor. For that reason I need to hire employees who can do work in the contracting business and will be federally compliant. I have turned to your guys in the hopes that I would be pointed in the right direction. How can I to hire my subcontracting team? I am looking forward to your input. Thank you
  13. Hello Readers, So my current situation is searching for an outsourcing firm that hires employees within the federal contracting business. I am looking to form my team who will be doing subcontracting work for Prime contractors. Are subcontracting opportunities being posted after the Prime Contractor has already been awarded the contract? Should you require any clarification let me know and I will be more than happy to explain. I am looking forward to your input. Thank you
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