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  1. Is there a scenario where a government contractor wouldn't follow CAS or GAAP?
  2. " When reading this section, does (a)(3) require a government contractor to use GAAP at a minimum or does the last part of the sentence allow a government contractor to avoid GAAP and for example not accrue items on a monthly basis and instead do them on a yearly basis?
  3. We don't have any sort of contracts directly related to this "income". The pop/soda vending machine would fall under employee wellness and the gift cards/cash back come from us utilizing company cards to pay vendors (for indirect and direct accounts).
  4. FAR 31.201-5 states "The applicable portion of any income, rebate, allowance, or other credit relating to any allowable cost and received by or accruing to the contractor shall be credited to the Government either as a cost reduction or by cash refund. See 31.205-6(j)(3) for rules governing refund or credit to the Government associated with pension adjustments and asset reversions." Would this be applicable to any cashback or credit card rewards (gift cards, merchandise)? Would this be applicable to any deposit returned to the company from the use of a vending machine (pop/soda)?
  5. Thanks ji20874, it looks like based on FAR 52.232-16, they can essentially ask for anything to support the invoice.
  6. In regards to justifying ODC costs, what should be attached to show that vendor invoices were paid?
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