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  1. Not to focus on only a part of a great response but how did this go over with the rest of leadership? (Unless you were the top dog) My previous position didn't have formal contract reviews and it was fantastic, there was tons of room for innovation, collaboration, and accountability for decisions rather than COs simply trying to get things though the review process. Definitely something I would look to implement depending on how the team functions when I get officially on board.
  2. I'm seeing a lot of the qualities reflected from your comments in my favorite supervisors I've had which I would seek to emulate (but not copy!). Be a real person and realize real people work for you, give them room and support to succeed, continue to improve my own skills, and limit TPS reports and indoor parkour to a bare minimum. Is there anything in particular about this career field or federal service that you all feel is especially different for supervisors? Early in my career I felt like supervisors might have had warrants but rarely used them if ever (as if they were just f
  3. Long time lurker here that just got his first supervisory job. I'm both excited and a little apprehensive for the new position, it's largely managing a team of 1102s doing small buys for a civilian agency. I've been a CO for a couple of years but haven't had any real supervisory experience. I'm hoping you all could provide any tips or advice for a new supervisor. I'll be happy with anything (advice, thoughts, reading, etc.) that anyone can provide!
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