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  1. How important is the appointment letter for the person being assigned to the IAA? Is it necessary? @ji20874
  2. @C Culham DHS. I wasn't able to find anything similar to what you found for USAID. But it seems the gist of what you posted is there must be someone in place that oversees all of the agreement over the COR, is that correct? And it seems it can be typical for a COR to be on an agreement with a CO present, as long as there is some type of agreement officer in place?
  3. Right former fed... that was my thought also. I raised the question with my agency, and am still waiting on an answer from them.. just wanted to make sure I wasn't totally off course with my question. It would make more sense to have another title like you said vs. a COR. Doesn't make sense and I feel like it could have potential legal implications if something as simple as the wording isn't rectified. At any rate, a letter of appointment designating an official (COR, project manager, or similar) should exist, according to the FAR, correct? Thanks for your feedback.
  4. Is an appointment letter required for a COR? The agency I work for uses IAAs instead of contracts, and there is no CO on the IAA, yet a COR is assigned to the IAA. Is this typical?? Can a COR obligate funds?
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