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  1. QUESTION: We received an invoice for one amount. The contractor discounted 1% for payment within 10 days. The base contract does not have discount terms. FAR clause 52.212-4 (1)(2) is included in the contract and considered a basis for discount. What's the best way to rectify this difference? Can the Government accept the discounted payment?
  2. Scenario: I received quotes for a furniture buy (GSA) below the SAT, FOB Origin. Successful Contractor sends an original quote of less than $200K on SF1449 with no request for Advance Payment. During the technical evaluation, I submitted some questions to the contractor concerning colors, etc. Contractor clarifies the questions and submits a revised quote requesting 50% advance payment at the time of order. I send the awarded PO to the contractor, whom does not sign it stating that they requested, advance payment. Request that the contract be modified to reflect advance payment. He sends a third email stating that the awarded contract needs to amended for an additional $2000 because the prices increased. What's my best course of action?
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