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  1. My product was delivered to America and I received proof of delivery. I left the product to South Korea and my contract was canceled. Unpaid money US delivery.
  2. I would like to thank the friends who sent valuable answers to their topics. I have to explain about the issues I have opened. I registered my company in DIBBS.My company is located in Turkey. (OCONUS) There is no problem with my bidding on the requests. In total, 10 contracts ($22.000 )were signed with DLA. I completed the manufacturing to deliver. I sent 1 product to America and 1 product to South Korea. The product I sent to America was received by DLA. I was scheduled to pay April 23, 2020. This letter came before my product to South Korea was delivered. In South Korea, my product went to
  3. Mr Joel Mail from the official account of DIBBS. not suspicious.
  4. Mr. Joel. Of course, I trust maka machine.pdf
  5. Do you know about the evaluation points of the 13-item letter?
  6. Mr Joel I recently received a 13-item letter from DLA. Do you have any information about this? I have a few questions.
  7. Thanks Mr Joel I think I should wait. Have nice day
  8. I'm a real person and I'm here. I can not speak English well. I Hope to be able to agree with you

  9. Hi, thank you very much for all your comments. There is no problem with my contract or product. I have evidence that it was delivered. Contract clerk says he was investigating why the payment was made every time and it's been so long since. Isn't everything normal in America? Yes my company located in Turkey.(OCONUS)My contract with DLA I will gladly answer your questions. Due to the time difference, I access the messages late. Thanks again.
  10. Hi Mr Joel Our company oconus, Our product was get by DLA. Nobody says it did not happen or did not accept it. Our bank account information must be entered manually. More than 90 days have passed. I will gladly answer your questions regarding the solution. My questions, why did you suspect, Mr Joel?
  11. My product was delivered 4 months ago. My payment was not made after 30 days. I have been mailing the contract officer ever since. He says he is trying to solve the problem. I also sent the bank information to the contract clerk. Dfas knows the situation in the officer. However, I could not explain the situation to the contract clerk for 3 months. Does anyone know about the problem?
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