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  1. I have cited both of these to the PCO and COR. The issue we are having is that for the CDRLs that state “Block 12 & 13: CDRL shall be submitted NLT 90 DAC. Government requires 10 working days for review/comments/approval. Contractor shall address any Government comments/questions within 10 working days of receipt” The Govt COR is stating that the above language means that the Government can send comments within 10 days after the contractor provides any revision. Ex: The contractor submitted the initial/draft per above language. Government comments were received, review
  2. I am looking for general information on inspection and acceptance of CDRLs. The effort in question is FFP, including all data, and includes delivery of 60-70 CDRLs. The effort includes FFP hardware, FFP services, and FFP Data. The pricing of the CDRL requirements was rolled into the other total FFP prices (like we have 1 FFP line item/CLIN that is NRE CDRLs, NRE testing, NRE tasking, etc) and 1 FFP CLIN (separately priced) for drawing package. Most of the CDRLs are marked with the code "DD" in block 7 (I/A at Destination), "A" in block 8 (approval is needed prior to final di
  3. I guess common law legal procedures. The only clauses applicable in the contract are "Termination for Default," however, this is not a realistic option for the Government; and "Changes," with the change being a change in delivery schedule, but it is as a result of delays. The effort does include commercial items of a type, but is not under FAR Part 12...not sure the sorted background on this, as I came in after award. I have requested clarification and adequate/additional information supporting the value/cost of the delay stated by the Government and was told that we are not priv
  4. Retreadfed, the applicable inspection clauses are FAR 52.246-2 (Inspection of Supplies - Fixed Price) and FAR 52.246-4 (Inspection of Services - Fixed Price).
  5. Retreadfed, I have looked at that FAR Clause and I wish it was applicable, but do not believe it is. That paragraph states that "If the failure to perform is caused by the default of a subcontractor at any tier, and if the cause of the default is beyond the control of both the Contractor and subcontractor, and without the fault or negligence of either," and I don't believe we have a case to support that the delay/default was beyond the control of the Subcontractor. Let's say, hypothetically, this was an effort that consisted primarily of COTS items being slightly modified for military
  6. I am new to this forum and first time posting, so I will do my best! Prime Contract is an IDIQ with DO's consisting of Testing NRE Costs, hardware, drawings/specs, software and associated data deliverables. All DO's are FFP. Although the hardware has not been previously produced in this form, it is being classified as NDI. All subcomponents were commercial items at their base, but they are being enhanced with military upgrades for this effort. The contract requires that a number of units be delivered to undergo verification testing, and upon passing production units will be delive
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