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  1. @ji20874, thank you. I clarified my original post to reflect the requirement is an SOW, that is FFP, over $5.5M. We are considering comparative analysis to determine best value and may utilize a trade off after price analysis and technical evaluation. We have encountered legal counsel making us do trade off when it is not warranted because we said we "are" doing it (I want to streamline this). At my agency, I believe they read way to much into everything and complicate matters. I know words matter, so I'm trying to make this clear and streamlined (without over complicating it, which can be cha
  2. I have an noncomplex SOW that is FFP over $5.5M. I am considering the use of comparative analysis. The program office wants the two technical factor we defined to be equal in weight. I'm being asked how we will do a trade-off selection. My understanding and reply was the government is finding the best value using comparative analysis to select the contractor that is best suited and provides the best value, considering the evaluation factors in this Notice to Fair Opportunity. The Government may not make an award at a significantly higher overall price to achieve a marginal increase in superior
  3. Thank you @C Culham and @Don Mansfield. Your second posts identified the references to assist me in making a business decision to essentially not included it in commercial items.
  4. @C Culham, thank you for the reference, there was good conversation in there. I could not tell if the provision is intended for commercial or non-commercial. There are plenty of professional services that are commercial where someone could think this provision may be applicable. Is the provision applicable for fixed price (commercial) services when the majority of the work is for bona fide professional employees at the IDIQ (over $700K)? @Don Mansfield, clause was a faux pas on my part and I made the edits in the post to correct it to reflect provision (thanks). Is the provision applicabl
  5. Hello fellow professionals, I am looking for assistance on the "applicability" of provision 52.222-46 Evaluation of Compensation for Professional Employees. The first thing I did was look at the matrix which says for Fix Price Services (this is the scenario we will use here) it is "Required when Applicable" (A) as prescribed in FAR Part 22.1103. FAR Part 22.1103 says "All professional employees shall be compensated fairly and properly. Accordingly, the Contracting Officer shall insert the provision at 52.222-46, Evaluation of Compensation for Professional Employees, in solicitations for negoti
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