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  1. Thank you Vern! I did some searching but couldn't find the specific answer to my question until you sent the link. I appreciate you taking the time to help. Other than NCMA magazine and the FAR, what other reading materials do you find to be the most helpful?
  2. The company that I work for is bidding on something with a 16.5 M Size standard as a JV. They have an unpopulated JV. Is it the revenue itself, which would be zero for this JV with no work awarded to it - or does any of the past 5 years of revenue for each JV member come into play when bidding?
  3. The company I work for is a small business, therefore CAS isn't applicable because of that fact, correct? Does this mean that 52.230-1 can be skipped when filling out reps and certs for a proposal? Thanks.
  4. It's the rate we bill the customer
  5. Does any of this sound like a red flag on the part of the Prime?
  6. Yes, that's correct. My question is whether the Prime can actually pay us less for an hour of on-call duty which should be labor. They want us to bill this as an ODC, but since this is labor, can I say that we must bill this to labor and not as an ODC? Is there something in the FAR that backs this up? Not sure if something like this is allowed. So, would like your thoughts on this. Thanks.
  7. Hi! We're a small business and we have an IDIQ with 5 Task Orders currently. It's Cost plus award fee. We have been funded less than 750K and since we are small business, does that mean we are not subject to CAS? I didn't find anything in the subcontract regarding CAS. Thank you for your help!
  8. Sorry, I meant to type "Prime" is asking, not sub. Yes, my question is if what they are asking is allowed and whether we can push back as this seems unusual.
  9. Good Morning, I have a situation where we are a sub and the Prime never mentioned there would be on-call hours for our staff. The Sub is asking us to record the number of days on call which has been an hour per day for one staff member. They want us to bill $50 per shift that he's on call, but our employee has a rate of $102.31. They are asking us to bill to bill the $50 per day to ODCs, which sounds unusual. We also never bid ODCs. Is this something they can do? Thank you in advance for your feedback.
  10. Thank you Vern and Formerfed! I really appreciate your feedback!
  11. Thank you Bosgood and ji20874!
  12. Hi - Yes, I understand the purpose of the form. When I viewed it, it doesn't appear to have a block for contractor signature. So, I decided to ask the question if our signature is required - I would assume so.
  13. Does the contractor need to sign the DD254 after the Gov't customer has signed? Thank you.
  14. It turns out that the PWS for this contract states the following: "The Government reserves the right to inspect or test services that have been tendered for acceptance. The Government may require performance of any nonconforming services at no increase in contract price. If performance will not correct the performance issue or is not possible, the Government may seek an equitable price reduction or contractual processes will begin to terminate the contract. Past performance history will be reported in Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting System (CPARS) to reflect satisfactory or unsatisfactory performance". If we can prove that our current staff supported the PWS requirement (even without a dedicated FTE), is that a good strategy so that we can get the full amount? Does anyone suggest a better way or another FAR clause outside of FAR 16.202-1? Thank you!
  15. Hello - A customer states that there was a vacant position for a month on an FFP contract and therefore wants us to reduce the invoice by 11K. But, since it's FFP, do we actually need to reduce our invoice? That doesn't sound right at all. Is there a FAR close that supports either argument? Thank you!
  16. Actually, just found both of those FAR clauses in the contract vehicle agreement for this task order. This would mean these FAR clauses apply, correct?
  17. Thank you Ji and Vern! I just walked into this scenario. Just joined the company. If I had been around at the time, I would have definitely taken the appropriate steps so that we wouldn't have fallen into this trap. FAR 52.232-7 and FAR 52.212-4 are not included in the contract. The Disputes clause 52.233-1 also isn't included. Is it possible to still dispute this or not such a good idea? Please let me know if you suggest anything else Vern. Thank you!
  18. We have a situation where there are limited hours per FTE that we were funded on a T&M contract. For the Base period, the employees worked a total of 1,000 hours above what was funded, so we didn't bill the gov't for those hours. But, it was time spent supporting the contract, and it's a large loss of revenue for us. Are there any FAR clauses that address this in any way? We want to be able to explain to the Gov't that our employees won't work if there isn't funding for them. Thank you for your help!
  19. Thank you Wonderland and FAR-flung! I really appreciate it!
  20. Good Morning - I have a scenario in which we received a mod for option year 1 after completion of the base year, but after asking the CO why CLIN numbers weren't updated, he states that the CLIN numbers will remain the same for option year 1 like the base year, and unused funding will roll forward if it's listed on the auth. hours sheets. Any funds that need to come off would be reflected in a de-obligation and modification to the authorized hours sheet. I've never seen the CLIN numbers not be updated for the next option year. Is there an issue with this procedure or has anyone seen this before? Thank you
  21. Is there a monetary threshold for being provided with a CPARS rating?
  22. I'm filling out a J.7 form and it is asking for the funding agency ID. Where can I find this? I tried searching in FPDS, but no luck. Thank you in advance!
  23. Where can I find resources/information/regulations on how to follow FAR 52.204-10 Executive compensation reporting on our prime contracts. We want to also flow it down to subs and not sure of everything to include on the forms to the subs. Thank you for your help!
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