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  1. Is there a way to amend/modify a FFP contract to de-obligate funding for cellular services? Contract is setup to provide service for xx number of devices. The number of devices is based on projected onboard members for the FY. But turnover between personnel happens throughout the FY. We only get billed for the number of devices actually activated during the FY, but we have to ensure we have an adequate number of devices available right away once a new member is onboard. In the end we have lower billings because of the time some devices were not activated, plus, the service provider gave discounts during the early FY months which brought our execution way down. We have been told that the only way to de-obligate is to de-scope the contract, meaning to cut the number of devices down to meet the amount for de-obligation. Can't cut devices though as that will cause the service provider to shut service off for the number of devices in use. What is the best way in the future to proceed with a cellular services contract? We require the availability of more than 5,300 iPhones and over 3,700 hot spots.
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