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  1. Good Afternoon. I have just been tasked with conduction my first Past Performance Evaluation. For those that are more seasoned, are they tips that are recommended for going through a Past Performance Volume and determining Recency and Relevancy? In regards to Relevancy would you look at references and determine if they line up with the SOW? And, as far as Recency goes, how far going back would a contract reference be considered recent or not?
  2. Thank You, to everyone that responded. Each response has been helpful. Thanks Again.
  3. Hello, I am currently working on a solicitation, I have been been given a list of clauses that could potential be added or removed from the solicitation. What is the best way to determine what clauses should be added or removed from a solicitation? Are they any particular resources available that could be leveraged in deciding what clauses should be added to solicitations. What is the best method to go about learning about adding clauses to any contract action to be exact? Any help would tremendously be appreciated. Thank You
  4. Good Afternoon, I do not have a lot of experience reviewing acquisition requirements packages. However, it is a new skill that I am eager to develop. Specifically, I am looking for advice on reviewing a SOW and QASP. Any advice that could be given reviewing these documents will be tremendously appreciated. Thank You
  5. @Neil Roberts If I am following you correctly, are you saying that for a follow-on contract it would be appropriate to use a fixed-price contract once the requirement is more well defined and no longer in development mode?
  6. @joel hoffmanIt is real property installed equipment. I am still not following why FAR Part 36.6 is appropriate for this instance.
  7. @C Culham We are not using FAR Part 36.6. In this instance why would that FAR Part be appropriate in this instance?
  8. Good Evening, Everyone. Thank You for responding to my post. I apologize for not responding sooner. I also apologize for not describing what I am working on with more clarity when I originally posted. This requirement that I am currently working on is unique in that it is mostly for engineering services, specifically mechanical and design engineering. The intention of this requirement is to create a certain process improvement. However, there will also be a deliverable when the work is complete. A composite of something will be created at the end of this "process improvement". This is not a system under development. It is a fairly mature system that this requirement is in support of. To provide a little more background of my work experience, I am only a few years into the contracting career field and my work experience so far has been in a sole source environment. However, now I am getting the opportunity to work in a competitive environment and am now partaking in acquisition strategy which is something new for me but, has been a great experience in terms of growing and learning in the job. I was listening to our technical team talk a week ago when I originally posted and the discussion was to initially establish a cost type contract and then transition to a fixed price contract at some point during the life of the contract. And, I really wanted to reach out to some people that had a lot of experience for ideas on when it is appropriate to change the contract and how and who determines when that change is made?
  9. Hello, I am part of an acquisition team that is trying to devise an acquisition strategy for an upcoming requirement. We are currently trying to determine what contact type we are going to use for this action. This contract is going to be funded through RDT&E dollars and will be for engineering services. We are as of right now planning on selecting a cost-type contract for this action. However, during the life of this contract we would like to switch the contract type from a Cost to a Fixed-Price type contract. That being said, how would you determine when the conditions are right and when it is appropriate to change the contract type from Cost to Fixed Price?
  10. Thank You, everyone for responding to this question. I actually just discussed this with my technical team. Our strategy right now going forward is to go with a small business set-aside because we do expect more than two small business concerns to submit proposals and as Don mentioned we cannot go with Full and Open if that happens. However, just in case we do not get two or more proposals in from small businesses we will change our strategy to Full and Open. Again, thank you to everyone that responded to this and gave me things to think about.
  11. Hello, thank you for responding. This requirement is above the SAT and currently we are discussing source selection. So, FAR subpart 15.3. Now out of the companies that have expressed interest and responded to the RFI. Some of the companies are large companies and some of them are considered small businesses. What I am trying to discern is what things should I consider in order to determine whether our strategy should be Full and Open or a Small-Business Set Aside.
  12. Hello, I am a Contract Specialist with the Navy. I have been an 1102 for a little over two years. Up and until this point, I have only worked on sole source actions. However, I will now be working on competitive actions. We are currently trying to nail down a way forward on the acquisition strategy for two of the actions that I have been assigned. When considering the companies that have expressed interest in this upcoming requirement what are some strategies to consider when determining whether to go forward with using a small-business set aside or with full and open competition? Should I wait to on our tech team to complete their capabilities determination of all of the responses to the RFI and then make my decision based on that? What are some things that I should consider when trying to decide with going with a small business set aside or full and open competition? Thank You and I look forward to discussing this.
  13. Thank You, very much Ibn Battuta. This some very good advice that you have provided. I specifically work for the Navy and based on the advice you provide I think I need to dig into NMCARS specifically. I didn't know that THE Ibn Battuta the medieval Moroccan explorer was also an acquisition professional. Thanks Again. I am ready to work hard and read a lot.
  14. Thanks for responding Don. Thankfully, they need me to do more than review acq plans. I also don't want to render all of us 1102s to be obsolete anytime soon.
  15. Hello, I am a newly minted 1102. I have been tasked with reviewing and contributing to an acquisition plan for a new requirement. Now I know that I do not know some of the technical aspects of the requirement and the program office would have more input when it comes to the technical areas. That being said what are some tips and guidance that some of you more seasoned 1102 could provide when it comes to drafting and reviewing acquisition plans?
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