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  1. Thanks, I don't think I'm tracking though, I want the line spacing to remain single. Current paragraph spacing setting is "After - 12pt" - are you saying there's an alternative to 12pt that would allow automatic paragraph spacing?
  2. Thanks both, but it's not the manual spacing there's an issue with. It's automatic paragraph spacing (for example, setting 12 pt spacing under paragraph formatting). I could just manually insert a space between paragraphs, or a period, or easter egg (!!) but was hoping an SPS user would have figured out the auto spacing.
  3. SPS / PD2 users... I am creating a lengthy PWS in a new contract with a multi-level numbering structure and 12pt paragraph spacing. This seems to work out just fine, however when I generate the contract and print preview, the automatic spacing has been removed. (Numbering and other formatting generates correctly). The result is a generated document that's very difficult to read due to lack of spacing. Is there a formatting setting or something I can do to get the automatic spacing to show up in my generated document?
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