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  1. Thanks Formerfed. I do like the idea of trying to get an SOO. That would actually be a better fit and opportunity for us because the PWSs tend to be written toward encouraging hiring staff for them, while our approach is tailored towards their objectives, mission, and even some of their current strategic objectives. And I would love to have a meeting with senior management. I have no idea about how to go about making that happen, but I will start giving that some thought. And yeah, I can totally see how the system gravitates towards its current setup. I am mostly frustrated by the in
  2. Hi Formerfed, Obviously those are pretty important questions we need to keep in mind at all times when contemplating action. I would say clearly, more business is a goal. We honestly could compete on price by following the standard practice of underpaying contractors for the work they are doing and just hiring them to fill in federal roles like everyone else, which is also easier from our administration standpoint because the agency does all the employee supervision, and the contractor is only responsible for hiring, submitting the initial paperwork, and providing time accounting. B
  3. Thanks C Culham. I have read the size determination info. This company was a small business during the initial award of the IDIQ, then became a large under the old rules, then became a small again, and finally self certified last year as a large for the IDIQ NAICS code under SAM (but not within the IDIQ). I really don't have an issue with the way determinations are made, even the 5 year rolling average. And the agency is being FAR compliant, but I still have a hard time with them awarding more than $40 million to one company, mostly under small business set asides per year, and continuing to m
  4. First, I want to say that I am a big fan of these forums. There is a ton of useful information here that has been very helpful to us. I want to pick the forums’ collective brain to see if anyone has advice on my particular and peculiar situation. We are running into the same issues over and over with an agency, and these issues seem to be in direct conflict with components of the FAR. It is totally possible that I am the one who doesn't understand the FAR (am I the jerk?). Please read on and share your thoughts! My business is a subcontractor to a prime under an IDIQ. We provide s
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