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  1. Yes! I'm sorry I completely missed one of your posts earlier. So just to confirm contract was awarded in FY 18 with FY O & M 18 funds, requesting funds for an in-scope modification. They should use FY 18 O & M funds for in-scope modification which are available for five years. O & M funds only expire after 1 year for NEW obligations (aka out of scope obligation would be a new obligation)
  2. Yes, the original contract was with O & M and now O & M funds are requested again. It is also an in-scope.
  3. I have confused myself beyond belief and the client had asked us for the wrong thing. I know they need FY 18 funds for the in-scope modification, but they are specifically asking for O & M funds so I wasn't sure if that was included in these type of funds despite the handbook saying they expire one year after appropriation.
  4. Update: Are FY 18 O & M funds expired at this point? Contract was awarded mid September 2018, now they are requesting to use FY 18 O & M funds? My thought was that these funds were still available a year from the date they were appropriated.
  5. Thank you! I'm looking for it now.
  6. Do you need local NEC approval for software/computer purchases if you are using [Computer Hardware Enterprise Software and Solutions] CHESS? Also, where would I find this authority? Thanks!
  7. Hi all! Brand new to the website. I have a request to use FY 19 O & M funds to modify an in-scope contract from FY 18. I don't think they can use funds FY 19 O & M funds for this project, but how would they fund this project? If something was unexpectedly found which qualified as a differing site condition, would they be able to use FY 19 funds for a FY 18 project? Thanks!
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