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  1. Thank you. I believe I've found the answer to my first question, but not the 2nd.
  2. I know this forum is mainly for federal contracts, but I did notice a couple other posts regarding USAID grants so I'm hoping someone might be able to help. I work for a grantee (cooperative agreement with USAID) and we're looking to put out an RFP for creative design and strategic communications services that we would want to have essentially on retainer. In writing the RFP, I'm looking to find out: Is a retainer contract allowable, wherein we would be paying for access to services on demand? I could not find anything directly relevant in FAR or AIDAR. As a grantee, can we structure the period of performance in the RFP as a base year with option years in case we would want to simply renew the contract with whichever agency we end up with rather than recompeting it every year? I know this is done regularly in government contracts, but again, I cannot find similar language being used in USAID grants. The scope and budget is not large enough to make structuring it as an IQC viable, nor do we have the internal capacity to manage such a tender. Any help would be appreciated.
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