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  1. A prediction of good performance is generally based on records of performance data that is provided or obtained in the past performance evaluation. These records don't always paint an accurate picture of how the contractor actually performed but we use the information as best we can. I am trying to engage with requirement owners and engineering community to think in terms of technical capability and experience, and then, once we have done that, determine what we can ask for that will demonstrate whether a proposal meets those standards or not. It sounds so simple in theory but not so much in practice.
  2. Other than GSA's success story highlighted in the May 2016 Nash & Cibinic Report, has anyone had experience, success, or lessons learned using this, or similar methodology? The strategy being considered for this multiple award IDIQ engineering services requirement is to conduct an evaluation with the exclusion of price as an evaluation factor. Establishing factors and standards for technical acceptability has been interesting to say the least.
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