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  1. I understand your point. I just thought maybe someone had gone thru this before. Just looking for some advice - and trying to avoid paying an attorney thousands of dollars (particularly if someone already knew the answer)
  2. Kt expires at the end of the fiscal year- sept 30. We want to work but gov seems to be running out of money and doesn’t want to pay. I think their goal is to just let the clock run out on this kt while the SWO is in effect so that they don’t have to keep paying. I can’t figure out what allows them to do this but it seems unfair - although everyone seems to think the gov can do whatever it wants. But I feel like they must have some basis in the law for holding out on us and I’m trying to figure out what that is so we can file some claim against them
  3. But what happens once the contract expires? If it’s expired, are we still to resume working? (Particularly since I suspect the gov doesn’t want us to keep going)
  4. Did anyone run into this problem during the shutdown? i know the gov does whatever it wants but there has to be some rule somewhere that either lets them or doesn’t. It’s so frustrating. Where do you think I can look for the answer. I mean I’m familiar with the FAR clauses dealing with SWO and T4C but didn’t know if there was something else I could turn to
  5. I think we would be entitled to more money if the Gov T4C in this case b/c we’re so close to the end of the kt. But if the SWO is in effect when the KT expires by its terms then we’re only able to ask for equitable adjustment. Are they allowed to let the contract intentionally lapse while the SWO is in effect?
  6. As far as I know it was FAR 52.242-15. Is there another SWO that would have been applicable?
  7. I am working for a contractor and the government has just issued a stop work order with about a month left on the contract. I suspect the SWO will remain in effect once the contract expires by its terms. So I’m unclear what can happen at that point. I realize the rules say the SWO must either be canceled or T4C, but it doesn’t address what happens if contract expires while SWO is still in effect. Has anyone encountered this issue? I would have thought it came up during the shutdown last year but I can’t seem to find anything. Truly it cannot be the first time this has ever happened
  8. Do you know what would happen though if the government did not cancel the SWO or terminate the contract? If the contract simply expires during the time period when the SWO is in effect, can the government avoid T4C? What would happen if Gov just let the contract expire by its terms while the SWO was still in effect?
  9. What happens when the government issues a stop work order one month before a contract expires? Can the government avoid a termination for convenience and all related settlement costs by allowing the stop-work order to run out the clock on the contract? i imagine this may have happened during the government shutdown(s) but I don’t think the FAR directly addresses this issue so I’m looking for specific direction or examples of this happening and what solutions there might be
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