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  1. I do appreciate the responses and realize that there is probably no definitive answer, but you have definitely stimulated my thought process and encouraged me to explore different ideas on how to approach this.....since there is more than one way to verb a noun (PETA approved phrase). For the record "The invoice shall contain all information required in other sections of this task order, including, FAR 52.216-7 (Allowable Cost and Payment) (for Materials portion of T&M only) and FAR 52.232-7 (Payments under Time-and-Materials and Labor-Hour Contracts)." Now, I will probably reall
  2. Thank you all for the replies. You have given me a lot to research and a lot to think about. I am in awe of the knowledge on this board. The SOW of the contract states that in general, the Contractor shall first obtain approval for any PR by the COR/GTM prior to any procurement for items currently authorized under the contract $10,000 or above. Secondly, the resulting Purchase Order shall not deviate from the terms and conditions listed in the PR. If there are changes, the Contractor shall submit a revised PR. Under no circumstances shall a procurement be made before a PR is approved. Th
  3. Hi Joel, these purchases are mainly ODCs for training activities under the T&M portion of the contract. A few are under the FFP portion, but not many.
  4. Thank you for approving my membership. While I always try to find answers to my questions from the FAR or other regulatory guidance the one addressed below is a bit of a challenge. I work for a contractor with a large government contract in Afghanistan. Our contract requires client approval for any purchase over the MPT which is bureaucratic enough. I am now faced with ‘technical direction” from the COR where after receiving goods or services regardless of price, that I am to submit (1) a DS 127 Form (Department of State Receiving and Inspection Report) signed by me, (2) the in
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