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  1. So I have a firm fixed price severable contract for IT help desk support. With the contract, two positions are named as Key Personnel per the clause and are also considered essential to the contract. During contract performance, one of the key personnel positions was vacant for 2 months. During this time period, performance on the contract suffered and deliverables were not met. The government does not want to terminate the contract but wonders if we can suspend payment for the Key Personnel position during the 2 months it was vacant? Is this possible given the fact that it is a fixed price contract?
  2. That is the stance I'm currently taking. Extending the POP with mutual agreement. I want to make sure that there are no limitations on the amount of time needed.
  3. Thank you. The government is does not intend on terminating the contract as we have a vested interested in the outcome. The contractor will need more time to complete.
  4. The contractors performing on the contract. There's been some excusable delays that led to the request. My question is solely around the amount of time a contract can be extended for. Just wondering if there was anything I may have missed.
  5. This is a completion contract. The reasoning behind the request for extension is valid. I would like to know if there any limitations on the amount of time a no cost extension (no additional cost to the government) can granted for. Someone once mentioned that it can not be extended beyond 50% of the original period of performance. I can not find anything supporting that rational. This is an extension to a current option that's yet to end.
  6. I have a non-severable (12 month) option of a contract in which the contractor's requesting a no-cost extension to complete work on the contract. Are there any limitations on the amount of time the contract can be extended for at no additional cost?
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