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  1. Thanks all! All great suggestions. I believe a conversation between managements is definitely in order, I just wanted to figure out our rights first, regardless of whether we end up exercising them or not. Thanks!
  2. It was signed before I started working with the company so it's pretty vague. Payment clause is basically just NET30 and "Work will be performed on an FFP LOE basis." Hours are broken down by labor category. Only about 45% of the funding has been billed to date. The facts motivating me to question is that it is a sizable amount of money that we would be billing for if we billed for the remainder, and while we completed everything in the SOW, we did not provide the specified number of hours by category because we completed the work without needing that many hours. It iis definitely being treated more like a T&M, I'm not sure why the prime originally chose FFP LOE to begin with as T&M would have been more appropriate than any type of FFP.
  3. Hello, We have a subcontract agreement where the PoP expired. It is FFP LOE and we did not need the entire amount to complete the work. Can we invoice the remaining amount since it is FFP? Or do we treat it more like a T&M and forfeit the unused hours/funding since it is LOE?
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