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  1. Hi everyone, Thanks for your informative responses. You were correct - we can't submit a response as the JV through the GSA schedule of one of the JV members. We consulted with a lawyer specializing in SBA related matters and they confirmed this for us.
  2. If one of the partners in a Joint Venture holds a GSA Schedule, can the JV itself use the partner's GSA Schedule to submit a proposal as prime? The JV is also composed of two companies who are in the All Small Mentor Protege program together. The GSA Schedule contract we want to submit a proposal for is an 8(a) set-aside. For example: Company 1: Joint venture, small business, does not hold GSA Schedule. Company 2: Holds GSA Schedule, is a small business, is not 8(a), is the Mentor. Company 3: Does not hold GSA Schedule, is a small business, is 8(a), is the Protege. Basically, the heart of my question is does the JV itself have the ability to submit a proposal on the 8(a) contract through the Mentor's GSA Schedule, or would the JV itself have to be the legal entity who holds the GSA Schedule to submit a proposal?
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