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  1. cds: Thank you for that little known fun fact i'll keep that in mind as it is very valuable. I'm realizing if i were to leave civil service and come back i might actually be able to skip a few grades based on my experience. former fed: Thank you. I've heard of a desk audit and my direct supervisor and their manager would support me in both a step increase/grade increase and most likely a desk audit. However, the ultimate authority above them would likely deny everything possible and potentially retaliate based on what i've observed has happened to others. The reason all the exp
  2. I'm under the impression that negotiating a step increase at your annual appraisal is achievable and allowable. If this is true can you negotiate more than one step increase and what is the process and required documentation to achieve? Currently many long term experienced contracting professionals within my office have moved on and it looks as though more will continue to follow. As a result we've had continuous shuffling of remaining personnel and reorganizations. My workload overnight has increased in complexity and magnitude to that of a few experienced contracting professionals
  3. I'm a non veteran civilian employee at the VA within Contracting. I've worked at the same office for an extensive amount of time and I've been very successful in my work assignments, education, certificates, appraisals, etc. from the start. It is very clear to my peers, direct management and management beyond that I grasp everything quickly and with a clear understanding. When it came time to be eligible to apply for an advancement opportunity within my office years ago I was referred and interviewed. The advancement is what i would consider to be low level for my area of NJ so it should b
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