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  1. Hello All, I am newbie working on procuring items for my agency's supply chain. What is the best way secure dedicated suppliers of items need for our complex infrastructure while staying in the confines of the FAR. We were thinking of requesting a deviation but not sure what part of the FAR to request the deviation to for acquiring spare parts from a hand fully of dedicated suppliers for mission critical operations. In some cases, there is truly only one supplier. However, the issue is that under 12/13 and under the SAT, we continue to issue several PO's to acquire spare part following the guidance of soliciting from at least 3 sources and then running into FAR Part 19.502, in which some of vendors are not small businesses but the only source. Also, I was reading over the Federal Acquisition Supply Chain Security Act of 2018. Is this act only for Information Technology or can it be used to secure any items that are critical to one's supply chain. I was looking for a list of covered items under this ACT but have not see a well defined list. Thanks for any clarify that you can provide. In a nutshell, how can we create a supply chain with dedicated suppliers (some which are not small business) the most efficient and effective way. Any thoughts? Thanks, Contracting Yellow Belt 🙂 #new
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