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  1. I have a requirement for a follow-on contract that I am confused about what category it falls under: Supply or Service. I've read the definition of supplies in FAR Part 2 as well as the definition of Service in FAR Part 37; However, these definitions still leave me without an answer. My requirement, as I understand it, is a monthly fee for use for access to a secure Network. This is a logical network that allows us to get into different applications to meet our needs. It's essentially connectivity from our contractor to us. We maintain the equipment that allows us to access the network, we just pay on a per month basis to access the network. My understanding of this requirement is that we are being provided a service which includes 24/7 monitoring and support. There is no cost breakdown on what portion of our fee goes towards that support element and which directly to the access available. I think of it as internet service; However, there's a question on whether it is technically a "subscription." The argument was made that it might be a supply since we are not directly engaging the services of a contractor. I think of a supply as a tangible end item like a magazine subscription- the end result is an item of supply being furnished. Can someone please help me understand if this is a supply or a service?
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