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  1. We have an effort for Research and Development. The period of performance is one (1) three year period. CLIN 0001 (1 Lot) is for NRE. CLIN 0002 (8 Each) is for EDMs. The minimum quantity on the IDIQ is CLIN 0001 (1 lot) and CLIN 0002 (8 ea). The rest of the CLINs on the IDIQ have no minimum guarantee and will be issued if/when needed. My question is this...We have R&D funding for this effort so the plan is to incrementally fund CLINs 0001 & 0002. However, if the minimum quantity is the 1 lot and 8 each and delivery of these are at the end of the 3 year PoP can we run into a problem if we don't get funding on out years and can't fund the remainder of this effort despite having issued a delivery order for the minimum quantity (CLIN 0001 and CLIN 0002). What I'm basically saying is are we doing something or in violation of anything if we issue a delivery order for the minimum quantity (0001 & 0002) with the intention of incrementally funding it with R&D funds assuming we get marks or don't get the funding anticipated?
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