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  1. Hi, i posted recently about a weakness PM, I’m now posting about having Dual Program Managers (different contract than previously posted about). This particular program has a non-billable PM, DPM and Technical Manager. I’d like to promote DPM to PM as well and his focus would be strategy/future ops. Current PM would remain focused on deliverables, projects, etc. Additional information: we’ve had this contract for 2 years, at time of award there were about 60 positions on it, in that time it has swelled to close to 200 bodies and more growth expected. Anyone have experience with
  2. Yes, soul searching indeed. I’m certainly not blameless in this, and to answer your question, I did not choose him for this program, the owner of the company did. There are many complex factors that make this scenario difficult, one of which is that we are on the East Coast and this Program is operating on the West Coast. Im flying out there in a couple weeks and going to outline my expectations going forward, so if things do not improve I will know he was given the guidance needed to succeed but was not up to the challenge.
  3. We are a company, this PM falls under me In our organization, I am our Company’s Ops Manager
  4. Hi All, this is probably a bizarre post but I’ll reach out anyway. We have a PM on a large contract that is weak. He was thrust into the role a little over a year ago when the former PM left abruptly, it is not lost on me that he did not apply for the spot, although he did want it, he would have flourished working as a deputy PM under a seasoned PM. The problem I am having is that on paper he isn’t doing a bad job, we are meeting all deliverables, moral is good, customer is happy.. Where I struggle is in the details with him, messages get relayed incorrectly, he doesn’t like to take owner
  5. Hi ALL, Government customer is pushing back on our Prime invoice submission which included (a reduced) G&A on top of a Subcontractor ODC where they (sub) applied G&A to ODCs (Travel). Basically our sub incurred travel expense that are allowable and billable to the program and sub applied G&A to ODCs when submitting their invoice to Prime for processing. Prime applied G&A when processing the subs ODCs (at a reduced rate) onto final invoice (in customers mind we are "doubling up" G&A - I should also note this is the first time this long standing contract (FFP) has had a sub
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