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  1. The Protégé graduated from the 8(a) program and transferred to the "All Small" program. One award was an 8(a) and one was a Small Business set-aside (both IDIQs). It would appear from the regulatory language that the JV would still be eligible for task orders (right??) and if that is correct, what happens if the KO asks for a recertification for a task order? It would seem that the JV (no longer a Mentor-Protégé) could not rely on that "exception from affiliation" so would not be able to recertify. Any thoughts?
  2. If an SBA-approved Mentor-Protégé Joint Venture is awarded a multiple award IDIQ and then dissolves the Mentor-Protégé arrangement, is it still eligible to receive task orders under that IDIQ? If so, would the JV still be eligible if asked to recertify its size for a task order if the protégé remains small, but there is no current Mentor-Protégé arrangement?
  3. How are receipts of the purchased concern used by the buying concern when it is NOT an affiliate? Would the buying concern simply absorb the new (previously unaffiliated) business and start counting the revenue from the date of purchase forward?
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