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  1. Each CLIN if FFP, during the solicitation, it stated that all CLINS would be FFP. At Q&A, we even asked for clarification and recommended that travel and ODCs be cost reimbursable and at Q&A, they stated Travel and ODCs would be cost reimbursable (and I don't know the entire story as this pre-dates my employment), but it seems like the actual solicitation was never updated and the contract came out as FFP with plug figures for travel and cost reimbursable (we should have asked for clarification at that point, but did not as the CO is quite difficult). For the first obligation, they a
  2. I have a firm fixed price contract with the Dept of State with CLINs for Labor, Travel and ODCs. The CO insisted that it be FFP with plug figures for travel. Due to COVID-19, the CO is not permitting spending under travel and the CLIN is currently "incrementally funded as funds become available." Any ideas on language from the FAR or DOSAR that I can drop in an email to reinforce the idea that regardless of whether we travel these first few months or even year, that its Firm Fixed Price and we should be able to collect the entire amount under the travel CLIN?
  3. Hello professionals, We have a CPFF subcontract, which is a 3-year base and one option year. The base ended in December 2018 and we are in the midst of implementation of the option year. The prime has informed us that the client is imposing a performance-based fee payment structure on Yr 3 (which is complete at this point) as well as the option period. The original fee in our contract is set at 5% and we have been billing it at 5% of incurred and invoiced costs per month (which is the norm). I've been searching through FAR but haven't successfully found any regs we can put behind our
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