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  1. I'd like to extend a delivery order for 6 months using this authority.... dash-8. However, it's not included in the task order, but is included in the IDIQ. To exercise the authority for the task order, can I simply use it to award the task order? Or, do I need to modify the deliver order to include the dash-8 authority prior to making the award?
  2. Gentlemen, Thanks for all the input. Much appreciated.
  3. Thank you. The GAO case is a fantastic primer. Much appreciated!
  4. Jacques, thank you! non-severable services.
  5. With regards to adding new work to an existing services contract, what is the best way to make a determination if the new work is within scope of the existing contract? Is the percentage (20%, 25%?) of the increased work a generally acceptable criteria? Assuming the description of new work is within the same general scope of the current requirement.
  6. Gentlemen, thank you all for the timely responses. I apologize that I was not very clear. I was asking about the authority, in section 13 of the SF30, to obligate/award the fee to the contractor.
  7. To modify/award (SF30) an annual award fee to a CPAF contract, I'd like to make it supplemental (bi-lateral) using 43.103(a). Does this make sense or would a different authority be more appropriate?
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