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  1. Wow! Is the information about this public? I would love to read an article about this.
  2. Hello, I have only ever worked at one government agency where each CO works with a CS for every procurement. However, I have been job hunting and I noticed that one agency seems to only hire COs and there is no record of any CS positions. I'm trying to figure out why this is. So my question is... is it possible for a CO to work alone? As in, can COs fulfill all presolicitation and preaward requirements and sign the documents on his or her own? My assumption is that this is allowable since COs have the actual procurement authority and since the FAR does not mention Contract Specialists. However, I do know that this could be a bad idea because there should be checks and balances in place for ethical reasons. I'm newish to procurement (less than 3 years) and I thought I'd ask the pros... Can COs work on their own? Thanks!
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