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  1. There is nothing in the contract about obligations nor anything about consideration. There is a PWS/SOW that describes the tasks that will be completed but that is all.
  2. B.1 Subcontract Type The Subcontract awarded hereunder is a Single Award Subcontract with Fixed-Price/Levelof-Effort (FP/LOE) basis upon issuance of Purchase Orders (“POs” or “Orders”) by designated Contracts Representative in accordance with the ordering procedures stated below. Under this Agreement, Subcontractor is responsible for using its best efforts to deliver the technical requirements, within the time (delivery schedule) agreed upon, and within the negotiated estimated cost, Level of Effort subject to the Limitation of Cost provision or, if applicable, the Limitation o
  3. So what is the point of the contract then? I have no recourse? I thought I was going to get work.
  4. So what will this mean for the contract if I do nothing though? And would I get paid?
  5. Funding Profile (a) The total amount of funds allotted to this Subcontract and available for payment will be specified in individual written Orders issued hereunder. Order’s SOWs shall set forth specific task requirements to be performed, Level of Effort to be delivered (if an LOE order) and shall specify a funding ceiling that shall not be exceeded. The Subcontractor shall only perform work as directed in written Orders SOW and no work effort is authorized hereunder except pursuant to a written Order issued by Contracts Representative. Subcontractor is directed to the specifi
  6. I'm in a unique position. This is a non-gov't contract that is stated as a FPP-LOE contract, paid incrementally. We're in OY1 of the contract but the work I was originally set out to do in the SOW has changed due to modifications (some of which I have yet to be informed of) and I haven't had any work given to me to do - and now I'm at the point where even if I worked 40 hours a week for the rest of the contract term I wouldn't be able to complete the allotted number of hours given as the LOE (1400 hours). What are my next steps, if any?
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