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  1. Hi Don - the answer to your question is yes! I consider Wifcon to be a "virtual" CoP. An excellent one at that. To my knowledge this is an online forum only - is that correct? And maybe that's what the contracting community wants. I am also thinking about folks who meet up at conferences annually or more frequently. And for those who meet regionally. I could extrapolate from the topics on Wifcon, but would also like to hear directly from folks who use Wifcon.
  2. Contract Management friends in Government and Industry, If you had the opportunity to join a Community of Practice “CoP” or working group (basically a group of people who share a concern or a passion for contracting, and learn how to do it better as they interact regularly), what type of CoP or working group would you join? What topics or areas would you be interested in learning more about and sharing your knowledge of with your peers? Would it be hot topics or fundamentals, or both? What keeps you up at night? Essentially what would you want to get together to discuss? There’s no wrong answer. Let your voice be heard… comment below.
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