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  1. Can a supplier use past performance/pricing already established with a Federal government Agency (e.g., the supplier has a contract with a Fed Gov customer that the customer ordered against) as proof of commerciality to add a new commercial item to a GSA MAS? For example, the supplier sold a Federal Agency a service via a BPA established by the Agency's contracting activity and now want to use that experience/pricing as proof of commerciality to add that service to their GSA MAS. .
  2. If a supplier has an established GSA MAS (IT 70 - Services) and wants to add additional commercial items (Labor Categories) to a SIN, FAR 2.101 indicates that 'Of a type customarily used by the general public or by nongovernmental entities for purposes other than governmental purposes, and— (i) Has been sold, leased, or licensed to the general public; or (ii) Has been offered for sale, lease, or license to the general public.' The Supplier can show commerciality through CID/CSP based on individual contracts with the Federal Government. Don't the offers/individual contracts with the Fed
  3. That late is late and the information provided by the supplier may not be considered. Conversely, the RFI does not state that late submissions would not be considered. However the RFI instructions do state that responses longer than X pages and larger than X MB will not be considered (boilerplate). Which brings up another question: If the contracting activity 'accepts' a RFI response from a supplier who did not meet timeliness, size limitations/other instructions, etc., and that same supplier offers and is awarded a contract per an RFQ/RFP developed through RFI responses received from multipl
  4. Can a contracting activity accept information/responses from a prospective contractor after the close date of a Request for Information or Sources Sought Notice? I can't find a reference in the FAR for this. Thank you
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