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  1. The basic contracts are structured with "ELINs" where quantities must be selected based on the types of services that will be acquired. @ji20874 Are you suggesting that if we state in the task order solicitation that the number of lines is flexible, we can increase/decrease via modification at will? @Don MansfieldWe can include options but they are limited to options per year of services not additional quantities. Furthermore, most of these task orders have already been issued as we are in the year two of this MAC. We have countless of requests to modify task orders that were issued with a base plus 4 one year options which now require additional lines of service. Is there any way to modify or is this a situation where we have to recompete and restructure the MAC differently next go around? Thanks for the replies.
  2. Greetings, I have a question regarding increasing the value of a wireless services task order via modification. My office issues wireless task orders under FAR 16.5 valued both under and over the SAT. We regularly get customers asking us to add and remove phone lines because military personnel come and go regularly. Our Office of Cousel wants us to recompete all increases in services. However, if Command X already has 50 lines under their existing task order with AT&T, recompeting and potentially awarding an additional 7 lines to Verizon is an administrative nightmare. We issue and administer hundreds of these task orders and to recompete everytime a command needs an additional cell phone line seems excessive. It makes no sense to recompete and have two OR more task orders for the same command everytime they require more or less lines. What are our options here? Can we just do an exception to fair opportunity (logical follow-on) justification and modify the task orders when needed? Or can the changes clause at 52.212-4(c) be used? Most of these task orders are under the SAT and the modifications would also be less than the SAT. I've read almost every thread regarding MODs to task order to increase value and I still dont have a good answer to this question. Any assistance, information or guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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