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  1. Don, i don't know if the work is compeleted or not. It's been 4 months and i've just received a response to my protest. Contract specialist didn't mention anything about the completion of the job. This is the content of the email sent to me: ----------- After further research of the contract file, DLA has determined that an error occurred during the evaluation process. Unfortunately, the Government has already incurred a significant portion of costs associated with this award. Due to this, DLA respectfully requests that your company. withdraw their protest and allow DLA to continue with this award as it is in the best interests of the Government. Please provide a response to this request by COB 22 July 2021. The error in the evaluation process has been noted and steps have been taken to avoid this mistake in future evaluations. We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience this may have caused. -----------
  2. Yes it is. They just want me to withdraw my protest, no info about the rest..
  3. Greetings.. Yesterday i've received an email from DLA asking me to withdraw my protest for an award issued in March.. The award was given to another company for a much higher cost.. I've intentionally kept the quote low to get the job but yet my bid got neglected. Now they're telling me that they accept they've made a mistake, further evaluations will be made more carefully (which never happens) and if it's ok for me to withdraw my protest because of the costs incurred by the government.. this is something i'm seeing for the first time and would like to get some advice from experienced users.. Should i accept this request and withdraw my protest or deny it to finalize the process? The amount to get from the job was about $12.000. What might be the process if i deny their request? Will they give the job to me or relist the solicitation? Thanks in advance for your help..
  4. Thank you Don.. Much appreciated..
  5. The solicitation prepared for some metal products consists a requirement to fill a dd form 1423 which is included in technical data package. We'd like to bid for this solicitation but have no idea how to fill the form. The form says that the contractor will fill only block 17 and 18 both of which have contents like price group and estimated total price. Even though i've read the instructions below the form, i still have no idea what to write inside of those blocks. Did any of you fill this form before? A little help would be so appreciated.
  6. After searching a bit more this is what i also figured out. I think the attached clause b.2 is related to the similar situations.
  7. The contract officer replied and told me that i should submit a PAR and wait for the reply from the product specialist. I hope i can get a reply within this year 🤭
  8. Yes it's a DLA order. I've already contacted the contract administrator and waiting for a reply. But yet i wanted to obtain a supporting info in case they don't get back to me.
  9. Hi everybody. I need some help with my DLA contract. The contract requires mil-std-130n identification marking of us military property. I've read the whole mil-std-130 document but still confused about what to do. The drawing says "identify iaw mil-std-130 except do not apply part number to part." Nothing else. The drawing note is attached as image for your review. My questions: 1) If i should not apply part number on the part, what else should i do to comply with mil-std-130? Does it mean apply part number to a label, tag, plate and then fasten it to the item or apply the part number to the unit pack? 2) which data should i apply? Is only the part number enough or both mfr cage and part number must be applied together? Is NSN also required with cage and PIN? The drawing doesn't specify anything about cage number or nsn. 3) We are the dealer not the actual manufacturer. The actual mfr manufactures the items for us and we sell it to dla. So should i apply our cage or the manufacturer's cage? I've been reading so many documents regarding mil-std-130 and all these info made me so confused. Any help would be so appreciated. Thanks for reading.
  10. Yes the contract has FAR 52.246-15 and i’ve read it but couldn’t understand how to deliver the certificate. But your reply made it clear. Thank you.
  11. Hi, Our DLA contract requires the certificate of conformance. I know how to write it but have no clue about what to do afterwards. Will i attach the signed and scanned certificate to the invoice at the wawf website or should i put it to the shipping box? Searched a lot but found nothing about the process. Just wanted to make sure to avoid any mistakes. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks a lot in advance.
  12. This is an important point you’ve mentioned. I wouldn’t like to get involved in a situation regarding violation or faulty items. Choosing the dealer option seems to be the most reasonable way. DLA might claim that i’m not the actual manufacturer but they can’t do the same thing for being a dealer.
  13. If Walsh Healey doesn’t apply for commercial items and the items i’m submitting quotes for are commercial items, how am i being considered a broker? I didn’t get it.
  14. 331315 and 332722 are the two naics codes i usually quote for which are also listed for my company on SAM. There are some solicitations where a trademark or name of the manufacturer should be stamped on products but i haven’t received that type of contract yet.
  15. I think you misunderstood me. My company has a cage code. Actually i’m working as a regular viable company with all required registrations including cage, duns, ein etc. The problem is my company is working as a supplier. I find the material, buy it and then give it to the manufacturer located overseas to produce the items. The only difference between my company and a regular manufacturer is i don’t have my own facility but use other manufacturers as subcontractors (which is allowed by the contracts) All products are %100 compatible with drawings, specs and quality required by the contract. Also, i have professional craftsmen and quality control staff working for me. My confusion is, can i -as a supplier- be considered a manufacturer since i buy all materials and hire a subcontractor to produce stuff. If not i must bid as a dealer but İ’m also not a dealer because i don’t buy a pre-manufactured product from a company to sell. Yes, the subcontractor is the manufacturer but there are no products readily available until i want them to make. Since there’s no option to bid as a supplier, i don’t know which of the two options are suitable for me. Normally my company gives manufacturing and supply service to non-government regular customers. But this is DoD and things work different i guess. PS: I’m not asking these questions regarding small business set-asides. I know everything must be domestic if it’s a set-aside. I’m competing for non set-aside solicitations only.
  16. I don’t think that PCA applies because they are all commercial items. My sector is fabricated metal products like bolts, nuts, washers etc. And no i don’t over-rely on your posts. Just want to get various aspects from all who wants to participate. Learning new stuff is always fun. Thank you all for spending your valuable time to reply my questions. I appreciate your help.
  17. Joel they’re all commercial items. Available on the market sold by various manufacturers or allowed to be manufactured from scratch.
  18. I’m confused, too I bid for dla non set-aside solicitations and if i get the award, i give the product specs to the manufacturer to produce the items and then ship the items to the destination. No problem with this part. Everything is within the scope of dla master solicitation. There are no pre-manufactured items to buy and sell. They’re made upon my request, based on the specs cited in the contract. The manufacturer works as a subcontractor (as stated in the contract). I may be wrong but that’s why i say i’m not a dealer. And according to the posts above i’m not a manufacturer either because i don’t have a manufacturing facility. There’s no clear definition regarding this situation.
  19. That’s what i want to know. I may be wrong but i don’t think that i’m a dealer also because i don’t buy the products from the manufacturer and then sell them. I give them the specs and they produce the items for me. I don’t want to make a mistake and get into trouble. That’s why i’ve asked which option i should select.
  20. @Don Mansfield Don, I need a quick answer for a question if you don’t mind. My business office is in Florida which is my residence address and my orders are being manufactured by a company located overseas. So for unrestricted solicitations, while filling the quotation form on dibbs, does it make any difference to bid as manufacturer or dealer? I mean am i considered a manufacturer since i don’t have a facility here? Because when i select the dealer option, it asks for the cage code or the address of the actual manufacturer and none of the overseas companies have a cage code. Does a company need to have its own facility to be considered a manufacturer? How do contract officers evaluate this subject?
  21. I’ve asked for the reason several times. The only reason was because i didn’t comply with dla master solicitation’s domestic product rule. That’s ok. But still they refuse to unlock my account to let me compete for unrestricted solicitations. Don, i appreciate if you answer these questions to make things clear for me: 1. Are all solicitations -without a set aside code- unrestricted? 2. Can a contract officer include clauses in unrestricted solicitations to exempt small businesses? Which parts should i pay attention to avoid any mistakes in the future? Thank you..
  22. I never quote for hub zone, 8(a), woman owned set asides. The reasons made me quote for total sb were dfars 252.225.7001 and 7002. I interpreted these as if they existed to allow me offer foreign products.
  23. No it doesn’t. One of them includes both far 52.219-6 and dfars 252.225-7002 which are contradicting clauses but the other one doesn’t have the far but dfars 252.225-7001 and 7002 only. I understand if they tell me not to quote for set asides again but don’t i have the right to compete for unrestricted ones?
  24. @joel hoffman @Don Mansfield I looked at my award contract again. It’s not a set aside. Doesn’t it mean that it’s an unrestricted solicitation?
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