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  1. I’ve asked for the reason several times. The only reason was because i didn’t comply with dla master solicitation’s domestic product rule. That’s ok. But still they refuse to unlock my account to let me compete for unrestricted solicitations. Don, i appreciate if you answer these questions to make things clear for me: 1. Are all solicitations -without a set aside code- unrestricted? 2. Can a contract officer include clauses in unrestricted solicitations to exempt small businesses? Which parts should i pay attention to avoid any mistakes in the future? Thank you..
  2. I never quote for hub zone, 8(a), woman owned set asides. The reasons made me quote for total sb were dfars 252.225.7001 and 7002. I interpreted these as if they existed to allow me offer foreign products.
  3. No it doesn’t. One of them includes both far 52.219-6 and dfars 252.225-7002 which are contradicting clauses but the other one doesn’t have the far but dfars 252.225-7001 and 7002 only. I understand if they tell me not to quote for set asides again but don’t i have the right to compete for unrestricted ones?
  4. @joel hoffman @Don Mansfield I looked at my award contract again. It’s not a set aside. Doesn’t it mean that it’s an unrestricted solicitation?
  5. I’ve contacted a specialist from aptac. Said she will work on my issue after getting back from vacation. Thanks to everyone who shared info and thoughts here. Learned lots of new stuff. I’m grateful..
  6. That’s exactly what i thought. Never expected to see a clause in the contract with another one voiding it. Where’s the logic here? IMHO, the only condition that may allow far 52.219-6 and dfars 252.225-7002 exist in the same contract would be an additional phrase or clause like: “when these two clauses are cited in the same contract, qualfying country end products will be treated as domestic end products”. Otherwise nonfunctional clause should be removed. You can’t put a clause in a contract and then tell the contractor to ignore it. Everything must be clear enough to allow precise interpretation by everyone. Quoting a domestic end product and then supplying a foreign one is a false claim/fraud. But if you’re exposing the origin of your products as foreign, where would you be expected to get them from?
  7. This is great news. The only thing left is make them unlock my account.. Thank you Joel.🙏
  8. DLA master solicitation states as: quoting other than a domestic end product on an unrestricted solicitation doesn’t make an offer ineligible for the award. Do i have the opportunity to compete for unrestricted solicitations as a small business and offer QC products? If so, i’ll follow that way because set asides seem to be the problem here.
  9. Thank you Joel. I’ll find someone a.s.a.p
  10. @Don Mansfield What does unrestricted solicitation mean? Does it indentify the ones other than set asides? Couldn’t find any info..
  11. Thank you all for your help and patience.. I really appreciate it.
  12. As i’ve mentioned before i haven’t received a written acceptance request with cancellation notice. Just an SF30 form signed by the officer noticing that my purchase orders are cancelled and the award is decreased to zero. Seems like an inadequate document. Do i have any rights arise from this other than the regular dispute process?
  13. Still seems so meaningless as to why an inapplicable clause exists in a contract. I’ve received 8 awards in total. All of them must have been granted after evaluating the offer i guess, including the last two. I don’t know what made the difference to preclude me until the last ones. Would it take 6 awards to recognize that my company is not legitimate? If QC products were the problem they should have warned me before. I’ve never changed the way i quoted. They must have seen the origin of my products before. Seems like an unfair decision to me.
  14. So when you say i have to comply with far 52.219-6, you are leaving both dfars 252.225-7001 and 252.225-7002 written in the contract useless/void. And that’s damaging the integrity of the contract. What’s the purpose of putting a clause in a SMALL BUSINESS ONLY contract, if participants aren’t allowed to benefit from it or another clause already makes it void/ineffective. Don’t you think it’s meaningless?
  15. Don, here is what confuses me. If a solicitation is a small business set aside, it means no entity other than a small business may participate. And if you put dfars 252.225-7001 and 252.225-7002 into a contract it means that these clauses apply to participating entities which will obviously be small businesses only. Full meaning: participating small businesses may use a qc source as subcontractor. This creates a different situation than what you’ve mentioned. About the cancellation notice: no it didn’t request anything. Just cancellation based on far 13.302-4(b). No other info. I’ve contacted the issuing office stating that i’m not accepting the cancellation and demanded for compensation of my loss. Waiting for their reply. If i get a negative feedback i’ll hire someone competent.
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