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    Labor Hour CLINs

    No, they did not tell me where in the FAR. They said that the Travel and ODCs couldn't be defined beforehand so they had to be set as a labor-hour clin with a NTE limit. I've managed several similar contracts and have never seen this. They said they had to make it a labor-hour and FFP hybrid because there were three CLINs that couldn't be defined with price beforehand and these had to be set this way pursuant to the FAR. The 3 CLINs are: Travel, ODC and Surge projects. Like I said, in the past these were all defined within the FFP with a NTE limit.
  2. litai

    Labor Hour CLINs

    Greetings, Can Travel and Other Direct Costs CLINs be awarded on a labor hour basis? Thanks. LB
  3. litai

    Hybrid Contract

    Thank you all for your responses.
  4. litai

    Hybrid Contract

    Can you have a hybrid contract that is it is titled as a FIRM FIXED PRICE but some of the CLINS are on labor hours? Kindly advise where I can find information in the FAR regarding this topic.