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  1. No, they did not tell me where in the FAR. They said that the Travel and ODCs couldn't be defined beforehand so they had to be set as a labor-hour clin with a NTE limit. I've managed several similar contracts and have never seen this. They said they had to make it a labor-hour and FFP hybrid because there were three CLINs that couldn't be defined with price beforehand and these had to be set this way pursuant to the FAR. The 3 CLINs are: Travel, ODC and Surge projects. Like I said, in the past these were all defined within the FFP with a NTE limit.
  2. Greetings, Can Travel and Other Direct Costs CLINs be awarded on a labor hour basis? Thanks. LB
  3. Thank you all for your responses.
  4. Can you have a hybrid contract that is it is titled as a FIRM FIXED PRICE but some of the CLINS are on labor hours? Kindly advise where I can find information in the FAR regarding this topic.
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