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  1. So we had a COR commit an unauthorized Commitment. Had the COR followed the proper procedures the unauthorized commitment would have been avoided. The CO recommended that it should have been paid but the powers to be denied the ratification. I think Deputy wanted to make a point but not sure about his rationale but now I have a claim under the disputes clause since the ratification was denied to pay the invoice. The government received benefit and now I"m just looking for some case law to back up my decision to either pay or deny this claim. I think it needs to be paid but looking forward
  2. We are having an issue with a contractor it seems they want to refuse the acceptance of a Task Order. I requested a proposal which I believe I don't have to do because everything is already negotiated and I'm just ordering the quantity so I feel like this is a just a formality that I don't have to do go through but I'm not the contracting officer, so i'm doing what I'm told. The contractor was expecting the maximum values and its effecting the bottom line despite the government exceeding the minimum quantity of the Task Order value and the overall IDIQ minimum. They simply undercut themselv
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