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  1. Hi, I recently solicited a $20k service contract and found out after the fact that there exists an optional internal IDIQ that I could have issued a task order to. Would it be appropriate to cancel the open market solicitation on FBO and go direct to the IDIQ?
  2. Thanks Joel. I think I will proceed with allowing them to attend after having them sign a non disclosure agreement. I appreciate your feedback.
  3. Thanks for the feedback. CON 243 also uses the word "interview" and is "commonly used in industry and some federal agencies as the equivalent of discussions as used in FAR 36. These discussions are not the same as those described in FAR 15." My question is whether or not it's appropriate to allow observers at these interviews since the interviews are source selection sensitive? The board is made up of experts in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, Construction and Acquisition professionals. I'm being asked if additional observers are allowed in addition to the appointed board members.
  4. Hi, I'm planning my interviews for phase II source selection of AE services for a MATOC. Is it appropriate to allow other COs and Engineers that are not part of the SSEB to attend as observers? The COs are wanting to attend for training purposes and the engineers are wanting to attend as a way to learn about the firms that they may be working with in the future. My inclination is to say no. This is source selection sensitive information, but I cannot find anything that talks about observers.
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